What is the Crypto Noob Club?

The Crypto Noob Club is an online community of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts that was created to share information and ease the complexity associated with trading, mining, and vetting crypto projects. We believe in the long term mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies and we are trying to do our part in educating the next wave of blockchain asset investors and making investing accessible.

Here are some of the projects we are working on.

The Crypto Noob Mining Club (CNMC)

Our community-based mining club allows members to take part in the mining of blockchain assets without any technical know-how whatsoever. Club members share in the costs and proceeds that are incurred and generated by the mining operation. Our mining club has implemented a diversification strategy whereby we mine Litecoin (LTC) as our primary blockchain asset, as well as a speculative mining pool where we opportunistically mine altcoins that we’ve researched and vetted ourselves. This strategy provides diversification and reduces risk of sticking to a single market, while increasing the potential upside by mining lower difficulty, lower volume coins for club members.

To learn more about our mining club, check our post here.

For information on how to join our mining club, check out our How to Join doc.

Renewable Processing Power

It is well documented that the mining of blockchain assets consumes massive amounts of energy resources. As various blockchain networks are working to identify alternative strategies to reduce the amount of energy consumption, such as implementing a “Proof of Stake” strategy vs. “Proof of work” (mining,) we’re working on leveraging renewable energy resources like solar, wind and tidal to power the processing required to mine blockchain assets.

We are currently testing our renewable processing power technology in our mining operation with the goal of reducing the club’s operational costs and increasing member profitability.

For more information on the need for renewable processing power, check our our green energy manifesto titled: Blockchain’s Energy Problem and the Need for Renewable Processing Power.

Peer-2-Peer Investment Fund

We’re working on a peer-to-peer blockchain asset investment fund for club members looking for a different risk/reward profile than our mining club offers. This platform can augment the mining club’s speculative mining branch by introducing a 2 sided market to liquidate your altcoins.

For news and updates on our peer-to-peer investment fund, subscribe to our mailing list here.

Club Founders

These are the founders and advisors of the Crypto Noob Club. They are dedicated to developing and operating the club’s blockchain services.

If you are interested in participating at an operational level with our club, we are always looking for more people to help.


Adam Thurlow

Adam is a software dude living in a hardware world. Spends most of his time building public clouds, and spends far too much time researching blockchain technologies. Adam loves to read upcoming crypto whitepapers and publically shame them for being scams. Stay a while, and listen.


Geoff Sullivan

Geoff is a technology marketer focused on the cloud infrastructure and software defined networking space. Geoff is an avid researcher and analyst of new technologies and is interested in blockchain use-cases beyond financial systems.


Matthew Pickup

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of success in helping ideas and teams grow into world leading organizations. Skilled in Business Planning, Strategy, Fundraising, and Management.