The Rise of the Evil ASIC

3 minute read

We’ve written before about the different types of cryptocurrency miners that exist. Our Mining 101 highlights how GPU and CPU miners differ from ASIC miners. Today we want to touch on some new trends and market developments pertaining to mining technology and how some are leveraging it to manipulate the blockchain markets.


Blockchain’s Energy Problem and the Need for Renewable Processing Power

3 minute read

Energy consumption is one of the biggest critiques of cryptocurrency and blockchain asset mining worldwide. According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, Bitcoin mining alone consumes more energy than Denmark, Belarus and Bulgaria do as individual countries. Some blockchain networks, like Ethereum, are moving away from mining as the mechanism for verifying asset transactions, but the Crypto Noobs are taking a different approach …


Crypto Noob Club Altcoin Watch List

1 minute read

As we recently announced in our last club update we’ve purchased our first GPU-powered miners, which we plan on using for speculative mining. Our goal is to leverage speculative mining to diversify our mining pool and reduce overall risk. Here are some Altcoins that we will be researching in Q1 2018.


Mining Club Update: We’ve landed on the moon

1 minute read

This week we finally received our first shipment of ASIC-based miners, the FutureBit Moonlander 2: The Most Powerful and Efficient USB Stick Miner on the planet! These are the devices that our club will use to mine Litecoin (LTC)


Crowdmining with The Cryptonoob Club

3 minute read

Join the club and mine your favorite cryptocurrencies with us! We have a facility chock-full of super efficient cryptocurrency mining devices and we are looking for like-minded folks to get involved.