March 2018 Newsletter

March was all about volume for the club. We really focused on our speculative mining efforts and it looks to have paid off so far. This month the club mined over 17 million coins!!! Huge shout out to club co-founder and Adam Thurlow who has been doing a ton of research and has made some great connections in the altcoin community. This network allows the club to identify new mining opportunities where we can get in the door early. 

Thanks for the hard work Adam.

Be sure to keep up with for updates.

Here are some highlights from the month.

What We Mined in March

  • Litecoin (LTC) - We are still leveraging our Moonlander 2 ASIC-based miners to mine Litecoin. This will continue for as long as we hold on to these miners. 
  • TurtleCoin (TRTL) - a new privacy focussed coin with a strong focus on community and real world usage. very talented developers who were involved early on in projects like Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Monero. They were tired of the landscape of money-grabbing, scams, and ICOs, so launched a no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no reserve, privacy coin for the community. Turtlecoin is still in its infancy, mining is still relatively easy with large block rewards.
  • Intense Coin (ITNS) - Our research led us to Intense Coin, a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized VPN. We were attracted to ITNS by its solid roadmap, ease of mining, and a potential for upside. 
  • Worktips (WORKS)( -  A brand new, pre-market coin that launched out of test-net just this month. The core project team is in talks with a number of initial exchanges. Being in on the bottom floor of this new utility coin has allowed us to mine upwards of 17 million of these coins. We’ll be holding onto these for when the project hits an exchange and sets a fair value for the tokens.
  • Celer Coin - Our first non-cryptonote based privacy coin! We’re expanding our mining software armada to include the ability to mine neoscrypt based cryptos with CelerCoin. The developers are currently selling Master Nodes for 0.5 BTC for early investors, and street price to stake a Master Node is 1000 Celer. 

Club members will receive an email shortly with a breakdown of our monthly output and costs. 

New Gear

  • In march we added one more RX580 GPU. We’re noticing that the prices for GPUs are starting to come down in price and stock levels are rising.
  • We’ve ordered a new mining motherboard and CPU which will allow us to scale out the operation and connect 12 additional GPUs.
  • Currently we are running 4 x RX580s GPUs, 1 x gtx 1060, and 1 gtx 1050Ti and 9 x Moonlander ASICs.
  • We’ve re-flashed and re-tuned the bios on the cards to squeeze out more performance.

March Content

What the EFF is ETHDenver?!

Last month I had the great (GREAT) pleasure of attending the world’s largest Blockchain Hackathon ever, in Denver Colorado: ETHDenver.

This was the second ever official Ethereum hackathon, following the ETHWaterloo hackathon that took place in Toronto Ontario late last year. During the event in Denver they also announced the formation of ETH Global, which will be organizing and rolling out similar events around the world.

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 Coming up in April

  • New Members! - Since we feel that now have a good feel for the club’s operations, we decided to onboard some new members. This will give us some resources to purchase new mining gear and scale out the clubs hashing power. 7 new seats will eligible for mining proceeds starting in April. The new additions will bring the club’s total up to 39 seats. Welcome newcomers!
  • We’re Spending Crypto - If you’ve been following our story, you would know that we had a hard time sourcing GPUs for quite some time. We now have some consistent GPU sources, and have spent nearly all of the clubs membership fees. That means that the club’s mining operations is running hot and nearly 100% utilized. Because of these new sources, we’ll look to bring on some more seats in the next couple of months.
  • Basic Automation Implemented, More to Come -  Adam has successfully implemented some new scripts and algorithms, as well as some monitoring  which is giving us some basic coin switching functionality. In our post: Lessons Learned from Building a Cryptocurrency Mine in the Biggest Boom/Bust to Date  we talked about how important automation is to our speculative mining strategy. We’ll continue to work on building some more elegant automation that will allow us to switch which coins we’re mining and allow us take advance of a good mining opportunities early. *